As we celebrate the 30th birthday of McKenney Mechanical Contractors, we reflect on how fortunate we’ve been.   Our customers give us the opportunity to do our best work every day, and we’d like to express our heartfelt thanks for their trust and continued patronage.  They are our reason for coming to work every day.

The business relationships we’ve formed through the years have allowed us to prosper and grow, and form professional and community bonds that have become the fiber of our company.  We’ve worked with a lot of great partners in business over the years, some resulting in friendships that have lasted decades.

We’re grateful for all the dedicated, smart and hardworking employees, past and present, that have helped  McKenney Mechanical become what it is today.  The McKenney team is a company we’re extremely proud of, where it’s a pleasure to work.

Wishing all the best for good health, happiness and prosperity to all in 2018!

Celebrating 30 Years

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