Safety Goals

Keeping our goals simple: Zero injuries.
And zero delays because of injuries.



We build things. It's in our nature.
That includes ties to our community.

Safety Goals: Zero Injuries. Zero delays.

McKenney strives for a healthy work environment. How do we get there? OSHA workplace safety training. First Aid and CPR training. Risk/Hazards Assessments for every job. Safety inspections - we do them and encourage our customers to do them. We listen to our employees and act upon their safety suggestions.

It starts at the top - with our management. But doesn't end there. Our customers tend to be safety-conscious. They find that we are, too.


Community. Building ties.

We build. We weld and wire. Our work heats and cools buildings. Like hospitals or athletic facilities or your local dairy store. Or the office where you work - which makes it pollute less. But we also build relationships in the community.

Sure, we give money. But we give time, too. Our talents help local organizations like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The fire department and charitable housing organizations. We help them build things, too.

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